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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saying Good-bye

When Show, Tell, Share was first started 2 years ago, it was with the intention to be a place where a few friends could share recipes, ideas and  projects with each other and the world. 

Since life never stays the same, we have gone through many changes. And finally it has come down to the simple but inevitable truth, that we have all moved on. Some of us are happily busy with life, others are struggling with heavy challenges and some just felt a need for change or simply just could not find the time or energy to craft let alone take pictures and blog about it. 

We are saying 'good-bye' to you, our readers. Show, Tell, Share will no longer have new posts. All your old favorites will stay where they are, so if you bookmarked a link you will always find it. Some posts have been moved to a new home, no worries though. A link to the new site was provided in those posts. Otherwise, Show,Tell,Share will be stripped of widgets, buttons and Google Friend Connect and all the fluff.

We have great memories and leaving up the posts will be a wonderful reminder of the fun we all had.

You can still find a few of us in the world of blogs and we would love to see you stop by.

 If you would like to see what Idealeon is doing, please visit her personal blog, Idealeon or her business blog, Mockingbird Designs.

I (Dora) now post at Untrendy Life with Rachel

Thank you for all your comments, questions and for reading! We appreciate all of you and hope you will join us in our new adventures! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pinterest Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

OK, I have been on Pinterest for a while now along with millions of others.  Thankfully I am not addicted to it, but I did realize that I tend to Pin It and then not look at my boards again.  I get overwhelmed just by the sheer number of new pins I see from people I follow, and trust me, that number is pretty reasonable.

Anyways, I decided to start trying some of my pins. Wouldn't you know that I already found quite a few links that were spam? I also read several blogs that are solely dedicated to trying out pins and blogging about it. Turns out, not everything that glitters is gold. I knew that of course, but it is easy to forget when one is looking at a gorgeous picture of seeming perfection.

Starting with recipes should be fairly foolproof, so here is the first pin I tried:

picture courtesy of

It was a  hit with me and my husband. Not so much with the boys. I am on a cilantro and cumin kick right now, so anything with those two ingredients in it is going to pass. But, this soup is really perfect for the fall. My husband, who is a meat lover and likes to stick to true and tried recipes really enjoyed this soup and told me it was a keeper! I left out the jalapeno and cooked it on high to reduce the time. I also added more chicken broth because I used a whole butternut squash and that was way more than the 3 cups the recipe calls for. We had it with shredded Parmesan cheese and a dollop of sour cream. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Purl Bee's Baby Blanket

Finally finished the first baby item. I used to have so many blankets, burp cloths, clothes, toys etc, it feels strange to start over. On the other hand, starting over gives me the opportunity to make many baby items I could never justify to make, since we already had enough.

I have long admired Purl Bee's Chevron Baby Blanket and knitting it was fun, quick and very enjoyable.
I substituted I Love This Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby for the gorgeous but expensive Blue Sky Cotton the original pattern called for. I love how it turned out, but I would definitely increase the width if I were to make it again. As a gift.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Halloween

My boys are busy trading candy at the moment and since they are not fighting (yet), I get a few uninterrupted minutes at the computer.

Son #2 changed his mind last minute and opted for a different costume. Thankfully we did not even start on his first choice because it was not possible to do much prep work before. It all had to be applied right before leaving the house. His knew choice was not only easier, but it was funny too and he got a lot of laughs.

Got some funny guesses too, like pantry killer, zombie or cereal man. Mostly he got a lot of chuckles when people figured it out: cereal killer. 

And let's not forget #4, who decided he needed a hood last minute. Did not quite turned out as I wanted it, but I was pressed for time. He was happy however and ready to save the world!

 It was fun to run into friends dressed as Lord of the Rings characters. Frodo and Sauron posed with the Witch King, Arwen, Gandalf, Legolas, a Nazgul and a really small hobbit.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gypsy Wedding Jewelry

 I made a variation of one of my head pieces and wanted to share (I think its one of my prettier ones).    The new one is the one with the pearls.  The first one I made is the one with the coins.  If you would like this one, you can find it here.
Idealeon etsy shop

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Hobbit's Tale

A Hobbit's Tale

When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in Hobbiton....
The party was a success, after which Bilbo left in a hurry to travel to Rivendell, the home of the elves. 
His nephew, Frodo was entrusted with the One Ring that the family kept carefully hidden in their Lord of the Rings Risk game. However, it was time to finally destroy the One Ring, which was the cause of a lot of troubles. 

Frodo volunteered to take the One Ring past Sauron's Eye that was always watching to gain the Ring back. Of course, Frodo needed traveling clothes first. His faithful tailor quickly whipped up a vest made out of the finest corduroy and simply cut off the collar of white shirt that fit Frodo well. But the trousers gave the tailor a huge headache. She measured and measured and started drafting the pattern for the travel trousers....but no matter how long she stared at the drawings, she could not bring herself to finish the pattern. In her plight, the tailor turned to Oliver & S and bought the Sailboat Pants pattern. After that it only took a couple of hours to make Mr. Frodo's trousers. Mr. Frodo himself picked out the shiny gold buttons, even though his tailor tried to convince him that traveling with such fancy things might not be the most... authentic.  
Obviously the tailor lost that argument. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Spiderweb Pizza

I have excepted that morning sickness, tiredness and insomnia are following me into my second trimester and that this pregnancy is simply more challenging than the last four. Since I quit waiting for that burst of energy and feeling good - it was easy to decide that during my better hours/days I need to grab the opportunity and instead of folding laundry and catching up on housework, do something fun once in a while.

This week we made Spiderweb Pizza. 

 I used whole wheat dough and very little sauce, because my boys do not like pizza sauce. We simply used string cheese cut in fourths to make the spiderweb with. I think using even thinner strands would have been better. Next time I am going to cut the string cheese into eights.

And used pepperoni and large olives sliced lengthwise for spider bodies and legs. There you have it. A fun Halloween lunch or dinner!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Fun

Well, the only thing I have had energy for is some activities with my boys. #3 complained that we had no Halloween decorations. They are somewhere and I have neither the motivation nor the energy to dig them out. Instead, we started making some of our own. I think they are happier with their own creations displayed around the house than any store bought or mom-made Halloween decor anyways.

 OK, the Oreo Spiders are not decorations. We ate them. 

Now, back to sewing. Frodo's vest is done, now I only need to make the pants, shirt and cloak. And wig. And ears....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Craft Show this Weekend!

I will be doing my very first Craft Show booth this weekend.  I've been going a little crazy trying to make sure I was stocked up enough for it, and therefore, my etsy shop has hardly had any new things listed. If you live in the Houston area, I invite you to come!  If you don't live in the Houston area and REALLY like craft shows, you're still welcome to come!

It will be on Saturday, October 20, from 9 am -4 pm.  It is called the Street of Shoppes.  There will be a silent auction, cookie scramble, once-loved treasures, and an antique car show.

It will be at St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church.  Here is the map:

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I will be selling my head jewelry, jewelry, nursing shawls, patterns, and Christmas crafts.  I've grown up going to craft shows and totally love them!  I've very excited to finally be in one for my own stuff!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Murphy's Law

I am avoiding  blogging, sewing and in general a lot of things I normally do.

 Exhibit # 1:  Part of a large pile of fabric already cut out. If only I could bring myself to sit down and sew.
Exhibit # 2: Small blanket I started a month ago. Not even halfway done. Even though it is a super simple and  quick project.

I was too lazy to take pictures of exhibits # 3-99,99999. So, Murphy's Law. I have 4 great boys. I am over 35. And I have been battling thyroid issues, hormonal imbalance problems (pre-menopausal symptoms) since the last boy was born a few years ago. Really, it was a no-brainer to know that we were done. Over the last 2 years I started giving away, throwing out, baby toys and items, cutting up maternity clothes etc.

I gave away the last 7 large garbage bags full of stuff about 3 months ago. It felt good. I was even asked if I was OK getting rid of the last of the baby stuff and gear and I could honestly say that I felt not even the tiniest bit of regret. I was ready to move on to the next phase of life. About 4 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. It has been the rockiest pregnancy I ever had so far, plus it did not help that I started out with wacky hormones (actually, according to my midwives and OB/GYN, it was a small miracle I was able to get pregnant. )

There you have it. The big reason why this poor blog has been neglected. Why your questions and comments have been unanswered.  I am starting to feel a bit better, there are more good days than bad. And now that the  shock  wore off, I am looking forward to another child to love and hug and kiss, to enjoy again the smell of a newborn baby, to make someone laugh just by looking at them. To have a good reason to sew and knit new baby stuff completely guilt free.  But then we are really done.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Space Ghost Halloween Costume for my Hubby

I made this Space Ghost Halloween costume for my husband about 6 years ago.  He's a comic book nerd who likes superheroes, but I like him.  I made every bit of the costume.  I used red plastic school binders for the wrist bands and yellow craft foam for the 'buttons'.  Walmart had some white sweatshirt bargain fabric.  Most if not all of the fabrics I used were $1-2 per yard.  It was a good project.  Plus, it made my husband happy.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

HALLOWEEN - One down a few more to go

Boy #4 wanted to be Captain America. His brothers all decided on  tad bit more complicated costumes this year, so I opted to start with the easiest. Plus Walmart was out of Captain America suits. Yes, truthfully I was going to buy a costume - which I have not done in a long time. I wanted to simplify Halloween this year and that meant going with store bought stuff. Lucky for me he is the only one I could have bought a costume for and even luckier, they were out at two different Walmart stores. Instead of hunting for a store well stocked with Captain America suits, I grabbed 2 large adult size T-shirts at Walmart and sat down one evening to sew. 

It actually went much quicker than I hoped, I was done in about 2 hours. (Which included frequent distractions by an overly excited 3 year old who thought he would help me cut and sew.)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fudge Truffles from Failed Fudge

They are just as good as they look!
I made fudge last week and, sadly, it didn't set up.  Since I had recently dipped marshmallows in chocolate, I thought about what the fudge would be like if I dipped it in chocolate, too.  It would be easier to pick up by hand in a hard outer chocolate shell.  I figured the outcome couldn't turn out too badly! We liked these so much that my mother is thinking of putting this recipe in her next cookbook!

I refrigerated the fudge so I could cut and separate the pieces onto a wax paper-lined cookie sheet, and then froze them.  I used Ghirardelli double chocolate dipping squares and carefully dipped each one and put them onto another wax paper lined cookie sheet.  White chocolate might be something to try, too.

(If you need a recipe for fudge, here is one from the can label I used that works fine, called: Old Fashioned Western Family Fudge.  Type 'old fashioned fudge' in recipe search.  I didn't add the nuts, and I used margarine instead of butter.)

Man, these are a good idea to repeat!  Thank goodness for failed fudge!
Come visit my etsy shop to see my head jewelry and nursing shawls!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Skirts With Matching Head Wraps (DIY Fabric Head Wraps)

Wendy's little girl is starting radiation this week. I got to talk to her for a couple minutes on Sunday. It was so great to see her spirit shining even when her body is going through a really rough time.  I told her that I got some super soft yarn to make a hat for her. She told me she did not want a hat. Well, not to be pushy, I started thinking what else she might like or need and make it fun.

I went through my fabric stash and was able to find a couple of fun cotton prints. I had enough to make a couple simple skirts for her with matching head wraps. My youngest sons were happy to be my model and both stood patiently while I worked out the simple pattern.

 It is super simple to make these. Once they were cut out, I just serged the edges. I looked at enough chemo/radiation head wraps to know that most looked...well, too much like chemo/radiation head warps. I wanted to make her something fun and functional. Simple, yet girly. (Although my boys now ordered these head wraps from me in pirate print.)

 I cut the fabric on the fold and just drew the pattern on the fabric (wrong side). I had to guess for measurements, but basically you need to measure the length between the ears (wrapped around the front of the head). Measure from the front of the head, down to the hairline, add 1 inch or 2, to form the triangle. Connect the lines, add straps to the pattern, cut, serge (or add seam allowance,  fold over, sew) and done.
 Here is the basic shape.